NEW Growmoneyology Series: Ask Financial Planners in 50 Cities Anything

Anyways, I want to get right into it and introduce you to my new Growmoneyology series; “Ask Financial Planners Anything”. 

The concept is simple; I’m going into 50 cities across the country (virtually obviously) and Asking Financial Planners Anything. 

I’ll then piece it altogether and publish it on YouTube, then share clips on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Remember no question is a dumb question. So feel free to let me know of any questions you want asked so that we all can learn and grow our money together.

Oh one more thing, if you’re a financial planner that would like to be part of this series, I’d love to connect with you so send a quick email to so we can set up a time to connect. 

Other than that, thanks a lot everyone for your time and attention - it means the world to me.

Take care.

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