#AskFinancialPlannersAnything: How can I make my 6-year old Daughter a Millionaire by 18?

#AskFinancialPlannersAnything: How can I make my 6-year old Daughter a Millionaire by 18?

Episode 2: Ask 50 Financial Planners; “How can I make my 6-year old daughter a millionaire by 18?”

Hey Growmoneyologist, hopefully you’ve had a productive and fulfilling day.

Now for those of you that may be just getting to know me and the Growmoneyology community, first and foremost, hello and thank you for taking some time to check us out.

I created Growmoneyology to have a space for anyone to learn more about how to grow their money.And, most importantly all income levels are welcome with open hands as I like to say.


And, If you look at our logo, and the mission of financial literacy for all, you can tell where our heart lies and what drives the community forward. We like to think that we’re all working together regardless of where we may be on the income scale.

Anyways, last week I launched the Ask Financial Planners Anything Series with the goal of building a resource guide filled with  first hand knowledge from certified financial planners.

And today, I’m kicking it up another level by reaching out to the first 50 financial planners I discovered to ask them the first question:

“How can I make my beautiful 6-year old daughter a millionaire by 18?”

This should be interesting for those of us parents that want to set their kids up for financial success.

I’ll be sharing the answers as they come in our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

That’s it for today folks. Once again thank you for your time, support and attention.

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