The Launch of Our #FinancialLiteracyForAllKids Campaign is Off & Running

The Launch of Our #FinancialLiteracyForAllKids Campaign is Off & Running

We recently launched the Money Smart for K-12 Families Sessions to help parents and caregivers grow the money discussions in their households.

Our goal with this campaign is simple; help K-12 families build a strong foundation for healthy financial habits of their children in the future.

Why is this important?

Did you know…

Before 2000, there were only four states that required personal finance in order to graduate high school?

Simply put, the basics of budgeting, taxes, credit and exploring ways to grow money have notoriously taken a backseat to education. And, it’s our job as parents, aunties, uncles and family friends to fill that void by teaching and learning about personal finance with our children. 

The importance is beyond explainable. There is nothing positive about widening the racial wealth gap. It hurts both sides the wider the gap gets.

No one wins and it’s up to everyone involved in this campaign, despite your political beliefs to contribute towards closing that gap and bringing balance.

If you’re interested in ways you can contribute, email

Thank you for your time, support and attention.

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