We are a socially responsible company that brings K-12 families together with our workshops to discuss money and how to foster healthy financial habits at home.

50% of our net profits goes towards launching a Financial Literacy For All Kids Workshop in your selected school district.

What do we do?
We host Money Smart Workshops & Events For K-12 Families.

What will you be doing if we bring you on?
Your primary responsibilities include fundraising along with bringing together parents, educators and financial professionals for virtual Money Smart Workshops at your children’s school. So, who are we?

At the core we are an online and in-person finance literacy enthusiasts group hosting live study sessions, case study’s, research, weekly book club meetings and speaking events on a range of personal finance topics. 

You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our virtual happy hours and other networking events. 

Upcoming Case Study’s, Events & Meetups

Series: Ask Financial Planners Anything
Topics Discussed:

  • Financial Planning
  • Saving Money
  • Wealth Creation
  • Taxes
  • Financial Education
  • Personal Finance
  • Financial Planning & Tax Strategies
  • Basics on Credit and Personal Finance
  • Financial Freedom

Weekly Book Club Meeting: The 30-Day Money Cleanse

If you’ve ever wanted to take control of your finances, manage your spending and de-stress your for good, then you’re going to want to join us in our weekly book club meeting. 

The 30-Day Money Cleanse was created by the talented Ashley Feinstein Gerstley. 

When were you last happy with your finances?

This book will help you create lasting happiness with your financial situation. The number one reason why this book helped me was because it’s not about building an overcomplicated budget, it’s centered around living the life that truly makes you happy.

While working in financial services Ashley became stressed about her personal finances. She then uncovered that her stress didn’t only arise from a lack of knowledge but by the way we as a society treat and talk (rather don’t talk) about our money, and she created a system to turn the entire practice on its head. 

With Ashley’s 30-Day system you will create a healthier, happier relationship with your money. 

Are you ready to make it happen? I put together Growmoneyology Notes from the book to guide us to help us learn together during our Weekly Book Club Meetings:

  • How the 30-Day Money Cleanse Works
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How to Create a Money Journal and Expense List
  • How to Setup your Money Guidelines
  • How to Put Together Your Happiness Allocation
  • How to Understand the Frugal Joys and the Language We Use Around Money
  • How to Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
  • How to Understand Values-Based Spending
  • How to Understand the Opportunity Cost of Our Spending 
  • How to Create Your Dream Team
  • How to Mitigate Environmental Toxins
  • How to Get Used to Your New Money Lifestyle
  • How to Throw Money Parties
  • How to Get Prepared for Your Next Money Journey

For more upcoming events for Growmoneyology visit here.

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Ekene Agwuenu
Founder & Chief Community Organizer