Note from Founder

I’m Ekene Agwuenu. And, I founded Growmoneyology in 2017 to share what I was learning about how to grow my money. With mountains of debt, loans to pay off and a baby on the way, I decided to jump head first into deconstructing this topic of how to grow money. 

As time went on I discovered that this information was starting to sink in. Not only did I start saving more money, my debt was decreasing, business finances were getting in order and my credit score was increasing. I still have a lot of work to do to get to my ultimate goal of financial freedom, but everyday I soak in more knowledge I’m getting closer. 

And, this is why I created Growmoneyology. It started off as a daily newsletter of the day’s most informative content from 100+ different personal and business finance websites on the web, but has turned into a community for growmoneyologist to learn and share knowledge.  

You will find helpful information, resources, tips, advice, group study sessions, workshops and more to help improve your financial literacy. I also have a small team that helps me execute workshops, study groups and create informative content for social media.

Feel free to shop in our Growmoneyology Marketplace and get some gear, accessories and whatever catches your eye. We appreciate the support and your business in advance.